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    Je suis encore trop jeune pour avoir des enfants, vu que je n'ai que 19 ans, (quoi que je connais quelqu'un qui a eus son premier enfant à 21 ans ,enfin c pas une référence)^^, mais malgré ça j'aime bcp cette chanson baby love...

     Baby Love

    Baby love, My baby love
    I need you
    Oh how I need you
    But all my longing makes me sad
    Breaks my heart and leaves me mad
    Please tell me what I did wrong
    to make me want this love so strong

    Cause baby love, My baby love
    Been missing you, miss kissing you
    Can I see a life alone
    Without your smile when coming home
    Is this just a silly dream
    Imagined life not as it seems

    Need to know once again my love
    Happiness true with out you my love
    Not to know the joy and pain
    And cast aside my doubts again
    Can I resolve the conflict of
    A life without you baby love


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